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Tackling Touch Typing to Improve Efficiency

Power Users know where every key is, and what every key does. You can too.

By taking the time to learn touch typing we can get more done in less time. PowerPoint users can become Power Users!

In the sci-fi world of rockets and robots, computer keyboards don’t exist. Humans always talk to their computers, giving them orders, commands and requests. In the blockbuster film Avatar, touch screen technology was the big deal. But until these high tech visions dreams are realized, the 88-key QWERTY keyboard – together with the mouse – will remain the main interface between man and machine. And yet, it’s amazing how many people still haven’t mastered their keyboard. “Hunt and Peck” remains a trusted method for data entry for over 25% of computer users.

Touch Typing is “typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys.” People who Touch Type work more rapidly and effectively. The keyboard is your link- your interface- between your brain and the computer. This Interface needs to feel a part of you. As a Power User, you should know where every key is, and what every key does. Not just the letters…but the function keys. The control, alt, and Apple or windows keys.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beach Teaches Typing is one of the leading touch typing tutorials out there. Search the net and you’ll find many more.

Challenge yourself to type faster; look at it like a game. 50 words per minute. Then 60. 70. 80…or higher. By simply taking the time to learn how to touch type – or even just increase our speed – we can get more done in less time…and feel more “at one” with our computers.

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