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Kevin Lerner | Presentation Specialist

Top Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts for PowerPoint

Think Efficiently & Use the Keyboard!

To improve efficiency and shave hours off your presentation development time, it’s helpful to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboards aren’t just for typing. In conjunction with control, alt and shift keys (or the option and apple keys on the Mac), you can move along at a much faster pace than just using the mouse.

Rather than inefficiently moving the mouse all over the screen clicking on menu commands, learning a few simple control keys can speed up development and make creating presentations easier and faster.

Top PowerPoint Keyboard Commands
Increase Font SizeCTRL+ ]
Decrease Font SizeCTRL+ [
Grid/Guides On/OffCTRL+ G
New SlideCTRL+ M
New PresentationCTRL+ N
Save!CTRL+ S
Help Menu and list of shortcutsF1
Redo Last ActionF4
Slide ShowF5
Slide Show from Current SlideShift F5

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Customer Feedback

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    Stephen Genung

    Creating concise, effective, limited-length presentations about complex topics is not easy for anyone, but Kevin Lerner brought it home for us. I hired him to help us with our investor deck with a goal of two weeks. He was motivated, timely, skilled, and very positive. Our goal was his goal. Our presentation was ready when we needed it and it made jaws drop. Kevin now IS our presentation team.

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    Jordan Greene

    Kevin did a great job of demonstrating his expertise with PowerPoint and other tools which helped me advance my knowledge while also introducing me to new tips and tricks to help create beautiful presentations. If you are looking to improve your PowerPoint skills Kevin is a great person to go to.
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    Pam Johnson

    Kevin was a great presenter, helping our team improve their presentations and learn more about PowerPoint. We have held two separate trainings with Kevin for two teams at our company. Everyone learned new things and came away with new ideas to improve their PPT presentations.
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    Eric Anderson

    Kevin is a rare blend of right-brain creative and left-brain strategic, and can easily help someone translate a slew of complex internally focused data into a powerful graphic, a glorious infographic, an amazing video, or a simple statement that gets to the point and drives results. I’m honored to have worked with Kevin, and proud to recommend him.

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