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Increase Presentation Productivity with Dual Displays

Multiple monitors can increase productivity by up to 44%

The Doublemint Twins

Remember those TV commercials for Doublemint gum featuring twin girls running all around town, with the tagline, “Double your pleasure, Double your fun?” How about doubling your output? Your monitor output, that is.

By adding a second monitor to you computer, you’ll be able to display more information…which can translate to a 44-percent increase in productivity. Dual monitor display, as it’s called, is a powerful productivity enhancer…and something that the average power user regularly relies on.

Graphics designers and video editors typically have at least two monitors. People in the finance industry have entire rows of screens displaying information from one computer.

When I work on a video production or PowerPoint presentation, I usually hookup my laptop- which is the main computer I use- to a second monitor, and put Photoshop on one screen, and PowerPoint on the second monitor. It’s easier to remain focused and I get more done in less time.

Increase Productivity 44%

Prices for monitors have come down, and all nearly new computers- Macs and PC all have the ability to handle a second monitor. Pop it on the desk and configure it in the control panel and you’ll be on the fast track to working as a power user.

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